Mama Koala Reusable Cloth Pads 4 packs-06
Mama Koala Reusable Cloth Pads 4 packs-06

Mama Koala Reusable Cloth Pads 4 packs-06

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Mama Koala reusable menstrual pads are designed to save money, save our environment, and are good for your health! Waterproof and breathable TPU outer with lovely print, super soft charcoal bamboo inner - keeping you comfortable and dry. We designed the feminine pads to be 4 sizes that fit your different period needs. It's ultra-soft and super absorbent.

The button snaps on the wings are easy to open and close, greatly keeping the menstrual cloth from bunching in the case for leaking on the sides. Wrapped into the shape of a little envelope and buttoned up, then packed them into the wet bag, just use or wash, unfold it, nobody will know what it is. Never feel embarrassing. Perfect for travel, outdoor, exercise, or daily use!

Size S 8*7.87 inches
Size M 9*8.5 inches
Size L 11*8.5 inches
Size XL 13*8.9 inches

Size S and M are suitable for postpartum or postoperative women, and can also be used for daily care. Provide you with all-around protection.
Size L is suitable for a large flow of daytime.
Size XL sanitary pads have stronger absorption capacity and stronger feeling, suitable for large flow and night use.

Package Info
4 Reusable menstrual pads.

Outer Shell - 100% Leak-free lamination fabric, which is leak-proof.
Inner:100% Bamboo Charcoal against ladies' skin for utmost comfort.
Middle Microfiber 2 layers - provide maximum absorbency.

Simply wrap the wings around your underwear so the soft grey fabric is against your skin and snap into place.
The time you change your cloth pad is as often as you change a disposable pad. Change pad every 2-4 hours or as needed.


Before Use: Wash once with a cloth-friendly detergent.

- Cleaning Care

1 Rinse them out until the water runs clear.
2 Soak them in cold water with mild detergent.
3 Hand wash or machine wash.
4 Tumble dry low or line dry.
5 Do not iron.

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