About Us

We are a small business, only my hubby, my son Pat and me. We are located in South East of Houston Texas, USA. My hubby works at a logistics company, I am a medical assistant who loves her job, and my son is a full time student. 

When and how did we start our business?

We started our business in Sep 2020. A friend of ours loves Mama Koala Cloth Diapers, and she has been cloth diapering her two daughters over 2 years. When I saw those cute prints, I couldn't help falling in love with them. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to become an authorized Mama Koala retailer. We strive to provide our customers good quality products with affordable price.

We are a small business but big on love. We have been donating diapers to local churches, community clinic, and people who are in need since we started it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at contact@patpatscloset.com or my personal Facebook account Pat'sMom Lee. Add me as your friend, if you are interested in cloth diapers.

We deeply appreciate our customers' support, and you help make our business possible.