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How to become PPC Reps ?
  1.  Anyone who lives in United states, loves PatPat'sCloset products, likes our Facebook page PatPat'sCloset, and a member of PatPat'sCloset group , a cloth diapering Mom are welcome to apply for our reps.
  2. Add Pat'sMom Lee as your Facebook friend.
  3. You are a photo shoot "expert". Your little one is 3 months older, less than 3 years old . To be considered, we ask you to submit 6 OTB photos that you believe they are beautiful. 
  4. If you are chosen as our reps, you will receive one time randomly 2 of our Exclusive/custom diapers without inserts which are not allowed to be sold without our permission, a 20% off discount code with a minimum purchase of 2 exclusive/custom diapers, and a 10% off discount code with a minimum purchase of 3 exclusive/custom diapers for your followers. 
  5. You need to share all beautiful OTB pictures at Mama Koala Addicts group and PatPat'sClost group within 10 days of receiving them.
  6. We will send you 2 of our exclusive prints once your code’ usage reaches the value of $200. We will create you a new code for your followers once you have claimed your diapers. 
  7. Format for sharing OTB pictures and discount code. Your OTB pictures+ anything you like to address+ Save 10% with " your discount code" with a minimum purchase of 3 exclusive/custom diapers+ The code is available at https://patpatscloset.com/collections/ppc-custom-diapers. 
  8. Here is the link for our exclusive/custom daipers. https://patpatscloset.com/collections/ppc-custom-diapers
  9. Visit Announcement to check our current promotion and discount codes.
  10. Once you submit OTB pictures to us, you agree with our right to use your photos in our social medical mentioned above for advertising purpose only. 
  11. We have right to stop working with you once we find out you don't do what we agreed on. 
  12. PPC rep searches goes by monthly, if you are existing reps, we encourage you to wait for 3 moths to apply for reps again so that more Mamas have chances to experience our diapers. 
  13. Current PPC reps searches have paused since Sep 9, 2021



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