Oct- Feb PO update

Updated on May 15.
⚠⚠⚠All Oct to Feb exclusive packages have been dropped off today, and they are on the way out. PM us if you don't receive any shipping updates. The repurchases will be closed on Sunday (May 16th). We will list extras on Monday(May 17th).
Original Post
❤❤❤We apologize if you receive emails from us regarding your refunded orders. You don't need to do anything for the email, but please ignore them. We have to manually cancel all of them.
If we accidentally refunded your orders, that might be due to no response from you or the wrong operation. We were so stressed by the missing packages for Oct and Nov preorder, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. Fortunately, they are here and very berry beautiful!!!!!
If you are still interested, PM us. We will list all extras on our site after we finish fulfillments and repurchases.
Please bear with us if we don't respond to you timely, as we are working hard on updating shipping addresses, fixing the error of refund, and packing.

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