Personalized Items

Have you ever thought about having your special moments printed on T-shirt, hoodie, or any other tangible items? Like pictures of your childhood, family members, and more.  Tell us your ideas, and we design them for you. Group orders are very welcomed. The actual prices for personalized design might be different from the prices listed here. They depend on the cost for clip arts and time for designing.

We allow 3 times of requests for adjusting the designs, limiting print size and location on the physical item. You are not allowed to switch the clip arts once we have purchased them for you.  Request for mock-up is not accepted once the order is placed.

Please describe your ideas in detail so that will save us tons of time to figure out your demands and save your cost as well. Processing time will be 3-7 business days, and the delivery time is around 5-9 days. Please do not place personalized T-shirts, hoodies listed here with any other products on our site.